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    Android Lightroom mobile crashes while syncing


      On my Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (latest firmware) Android version of Lightroom Mobile 2.0.2 keeps crashing while modifying images from a desktop shared catalogue.


      I am trying to work through the tablet on pictures from two latest assignments. All files were synced through the desktop pc with some applied settings.

      I can open all files and review them on the mobile app with no issue whatsoever.


      If I start applying some modifications to the files on the mobile app, after 3 or 4 files, while moving to the file after the app crashes.

      Once reopened last file modified is reverted back to original sync status with none of the tablet applied modificaitons.

      All other files are processed and synced correctly.

      It is perfectly reproducibile how many times I want.


      I already tried removing cache, reinstalling, moving from internal storage to sd and any other trick I could figure out.

      It is annoying...