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    Flash VS Director Podcast ::> Need Your Input!

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      Hello everybody,

      Let me cross the lines and introduce myself. My name is Skip and I run a
      podcast dedicated to Macromedia (whoops, Adobe) Director. We have an
      upcoming episode dedicated to the discussion of Director VS Flash.
      Obviously we have the input from the Director community but I would like to
      hear from some of you that have a different set of opinions and mindset and
      have maybe been forced to switch to a different development platform.

      Please send us your thoughts and questions to us at director@magicgate.com
      Your can also call our podcast comment line at 954-840-3677 if you are in
      the US. You can also Skype your voice / text comments to our Skype handle

      For more information or to listen to the Director Podcast, you can visit us
      at http://director.magicgate.com

      Our Director VS Flash episode is scheduled to air on June 7th.

      Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from all of you and
      may the best software win!

      Skip Kimpel
      Magicgate Software