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    Adobe Animate CC - File not opening


      I'm working on an animation for a final project in my course, and I'm running a trial version of Animate CC, and using Keyframe Caddy Pro for lip syncing. It was working fine last night, but when I turned the computer on today, I keep getting a javascript error.


      I read through various fixes, including converting to a zip/rar file and repairing the archive before reopening. I tried it multiple times and it only worked once, and it 'deleted' all of my graphic symbols (deleted in apostrophes because they're still there in library and on the stage, but they're completely empty.) I don't have time to redraw every graphic symbol over again. Does anyone know how to fix the error on the original file?


      Additional Info that may help: Actionscript 3.0 file, saved as .fla, and I forgot to close out of the file last night before the computer shut down, but it was saved beforehand.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          your fla is probably corrupted.


          if you have a working swf, you can try to decompile that to create a working fla.  that's your best bet.


          you could also try renaming your fla to a rar and using winrar to repair it.  then rename the repaired rar to a fla and try opening that in animate.  but in my experience, that's a unlikely to work.

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