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    Dynamic text

      I'm having problems using the dynamic text.

      I'm creating a web site that has a sliding photo gallery, and upon clicking the thumbnails, produces a larger image in a separate movie clip. The problem is, I want textual information to go along with each photo, but can't seem to get the text to show up.

      Here's a sample of the code I'm trying to use:

      _root.loader_mc.imageTitle_txt.text = "Title";
      _root.loader_mc.imageInfo_txt.text = "Info";

      I have this on the button clip. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          if you see Title and Info appearing in your textfields then you probably want to remove the quotes from your above two actionscript statements.

          if you see nothing in your textfields you probably have a path reference problem. check to see if your textfields have instance names' of imageTitle_txt and imageInfo_txt and place a trace(this) statement on the timeline that contains those textfields and check to see if _level0.loader_mc (if _root references _level0) appears in the output panel.
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            C-Rock Level 2
            try naming a variable and referencing it instead of the instance name.

            i.e. : _root.loader_mc.imageTitle_textBox = "Title"; // where imageTitle_textBox is the variable in the var field for the dynamic text box.
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              chrebel Level 1
              You should also try embedding the fonts in your text boxes. 9 out of 10 times this solves non displaying text problems for me.