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    ADE Authorized Old Adobe ID


      Somehow when I installed ADE, it authorized an old Adobe ID, associated with an email I no longer have. After wasting at least an hour with support, they insisted that the old email is not associated with any Adobe ID, but ADE clearly is using it and trying to send verification emails to it. I cannot deauthorize the account unless I get the verification email, and I can't get that because it's being sent to an account I no longer have. When I downloaded a book into ADE and transferred to my Nook, the Nook said I was an unauthorized user, I guess it is associated with the new Adobe ID? I also couldn't download the book into ADE on my laptop, which is not authorized at all, because it said it had been downloaded already by another user (presumably the user associated with the old Adobe ID). This is a mess and Adobe was absolutely no help and insisted that I can only get help here. Beyond frustrated. Anyone have any ideas?