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    Trying to write javascript code to a check box that when it is checked, it removes the readonly attribute from another field and allows a number to be entered vs. the default calculation occurring.

    blue ridger50755526 Level 1

      I have an order entry form that calculates a markup $ amount by a formula in the simplified field notation section in the field properties of the calculate tab.  The Markup field is set to read only.  I also have a field setup as a check box.  If the user selects that check box, I need that markup field to become editable (remove the read only attribute) to allow a number to be entered in the field.  I am assuming I would also need to programmatically remove the calculation in the simplified field notation when the check box has been selected.  I am thinking I need a custom java script to trigger on mouse enter?  I also could use some help setting up the java script.  Has anyone every done something similar?


      Thanks in advance.