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    After Effects re-interlacing Progressive video (don't want)


      OK. Got a weird one. I have a project that has a horrendous mix of progressive and interlaced footage. All well and good. I have beautifully de-interlaced the required footage using Fields Kit De-Interlacer. Looks lovely. I export it as a new progressive movie. The weird comes when I import the now progressive footage into After Effects for color correction. Having rendered it - the footage comes out again as interlaced (showing upper field). I am outputting as ProRes 422. I have looked in all the usual places but I can't see where I would change anything to prevent this. One thought occurred that as the majority of material was shot in old HDV at 1440 x 1080 (and as such 1.33 pixel shape) would that confuse After Effects into thinking it was still interlaced?

      And yes I have checked to see that the footage I am bringing into After Effects is in fact progressive.

      I am editing in crusty old FCP7 as it is an archive project that is being updated.

      Thanks for any help.