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    Captivate 9 - problem displaying closed captions in video


      Problem - After I publish a Captivate 9 project as a video, the closed captioning does not display as you watch the video and listen to the audio.


      I think I followed the Captivate 9 instructions:


      1 - An audio file has been imported and saved in each slide.

      2 - From the Audio drop-down, I chose Audio Management

      3 - I chose a slide with an imported audio file and clicked the 'closed caption' button at the bottom of the screen

      4 - On the Closed Captioning tab, I entered three rows of text for the slide

      5 - I saved and closed the Slide Audio window

      6 - On the Advanced Audio Management window, 'Yes' now appears in the 'closed Caption' column for the slide I chose.

      7 - I closed the Advanced Audio Management window by clicking 'OK.'


      Closed captioning does not appear in the Preview.

      When I publish the project to my computer, Closed captioning  doesn't appear when I publish the project as a video or as HTML5 / SWF.


      What am I missing?