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    Premiere Elements 9


      I have Adobe Photoshop Premiere Elements 9. I use it once in a while, but now plan to use it more. The problem is Microsoft Windows 10 doesn't work well with this version 9. I don't want to keep upgrading. This isn't fair. How to get my full-blown disc to install and work with Windows 10 (64bits)? Would I have to use a specific graphical driver version(s)?


      When I did a video clip recently (with Windows 10), I was able to open, edit, and save a clip. While editing, the timeline was disorder with lines and markers. There was a few other things I don't remember.


      Right now, I am using a HP with AMD 2.7GHz. Later, I plan to build a new Intel with Skylake or Kaby Lake, with onboard video (until if I can afford 1080). As much I don't like Windows 10, I just need to be as update with Windows.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you've installed Premiere Elements 9 since upgrading to or activating Windows 10, you should have no problems running it on Windows 10. Worst case, you'll need to set it up to run in XP compatibility mode.


          Beyond that, make sure you only edit project created with one version of the program in that version of the program. If you try to open a version 9 project in version 10, for instance, the file will corrupt. But any project you started in version 9, should edit just fine in version 9.


          Though there are a number of big advantages to upgrading to at least version 11. You can certainly find an inexpensive copy of it, since it's older software. The program took a giant leap forward in version 11.