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    Payment messages & issues


      I keep getting a message whenever I run a CC app that  "there is problem with a payment" & I have to edit my details. I've tried to edit my details but can't because I can't access the field where I have to change them, yet I have an invoice that says I have paid for that month...I can't contact support because it says I don't have phone privileges for that question & I can't access the chat option either - whatever happened to good old fashioned service & not building website that goes round & round in circles but doesn't provide answers & makes the user madder & madder...Good work on the graphics apps guys but condemnation for having the worlds most unnavigable website (Sarcasm). Either it's all good because my payment went through & it's a system glitch or in 26 days my universe will coalesce into a seething ball of fury because I can't work out how to use the forums...


      This has probably been asked before but because the forums page is a minefield of FAQ's which are little to no use I managed to make it here to this resolute island in the middle of all the 0's & 1's and shall remain here until I get an answer.


      Oh help why can't I even access the chat function of the contact/support - it's enough to turn me back to MS paint (Again sarcasm)



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