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    Having problems with navigation

      I have a menu button that plays a move by going to a particular frame in the main scene. The menu button opens a movie that has 5 pictures of staff for a salon. When the user clicks on an image it takes them to a brief description of the hair stylist.

      What I can't seem to get it to do is to get back to the original 5 people when done with looking at one hair stylist.

      I figured I could have the staff bios each on the main scene and have a gotoandstop("home", frame #) but that isn't working.

      help please!

      Thanks so much
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          Craig Grummitt Level 3
          what do you mean by 'opens a movie'? i have a feeling you might be just going to a frame in the same movie - or perhaps a scene? or are you using the attachMovie function to bring in a movieclip from the library or loadMovie to bring in a swf? and then what is the precise syntax of the actionscript you are entering? we should be able to get to the bottom of the solution to your problem with all the information.