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    adobe flash player 22 ppapi +vista = disaster


      adobe flash player 22 ppapi was automatically installed May16/16.. Vista..

      what a disaster, now nothing works and I cannot uninstall?


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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          What does 'nothing works' mean?


          Flash Player 22 is currently in beta.  It is not the current release stable version.  If this was automatically installed at some point you installed a beta version and opted into background updates, which put you into the beta channel, instead of the release channel, at least for the PPAPI plugin.


          Download the beta uninstaller posted at the bottom of the beta downloads page, Download Adobe Flash Player 22 Beta for Desktops - Adobe Labs .  Be sure all programs that use Flash Player (browsers, IM clients, etc) are closed when running the uninstaller.  The uninstaller will remove all remnants of Flash Player from your system.  To install the current release version,, go to get.adobe.com/flashplayer and download the installer.

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            jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

            For completeness, if you got Flash Player 22 as part of the Chrome beta, and not as a standalone offering for other Chromium based browsers, you'll need to move to the Chrome release channel.


            More importantly, we don't want to ship a disaster, but engineering is an exercise in specifics.  The beta exists to help us catch problems before they reach the field.  Some basics, like the specific browser version, affected URL(s), symptoms, etc, would be very helpful in that regard.


            There's a general guide on what information is useful here:


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              montrealmensch Level 1

              Thanks fo prompt reply...


              nothing works = cannot play ANYTHING that requires a flash player... for example Bloomberg live stream tv...


              I do remember initially installing adobe flash drive.. but don't remember being informed that it was a beta version...but you are right, the default was set at automatic updates...


              Being a novice, I restored my computer to a date that preceeded the last update of May 16/16 --- that update was the culprit --- and then proceeded to block future automatic updates without my permission...that solved the problem.


              Thanks for yr advise, I would just as soon leave it as is until the next disaster hits... but for now, you know that the update of May 16/16 for Player 22 is not compatible with my old, but reliable Dell Computer/Vista/Opera set up.... hopefully that will be resolved at Adobe's end?


              Be well

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                jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                The problem is that by staying on and old version, you forego all future security updates.  That puts you at future risk for malware, and all of the potential pain that goes along with that.


                It would be more prudent to uninstall the beta Flash Player that you have installed, and move to a current version of the stable release:


                Uninstall Flash Player - Windows:



                Download Flash Player:



                If you still have problems where Flash is completely dead, my guess is that there's an underlying problem, or you're on an old Firefox version (there are interdependencies, and staying current is always the best plan).


                I can't offer good advice without specifics, but by choosing not to update, you do put yourself at significantly higher risk for malware infection.  If you're doing anything remotely sensitive with the machine (banking, healthcare, etc), I'd strongly recommend that you stay current.  If that's too inconvenient using Firefox, you might consider moving to Google Chrome, which bundles Flash as a built-in component, and transparently handles updates.