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    Some user experience requests


      Thanks Adobe for this product. I like this preview tool a lot.

      I have some requests though which can make it even more user friendly:


      - MIRROR IMAGES : mirror images or objects: this is not possible now? I use this daily.

      - MARKER LINES : there's a grid, but it also should be possible to draw marker / help lines, especially designers find this usefull

      - LAYER VIEW : it's very usefull to import vector images which are layerd, it should be handy to have also a layer overview where we can choose some elements from a vector group to change the color. Now you have to double click to find the objects in the group, but it happens that you can't reach the element you want.

      - FILTERS / EFFECTS : It should be usefull to have the basic object effects like drop shadow or interaction between layers like multiply for example


      Regards, Nick