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    fillable PDF problem - when opened from web server, it's just a regular non-fillable PDF?

    nathonjones Level 1

      I'm clearly not understanding something in this process.

      I converted a regular PDF form into a fillable form using "Prepare Form".  My ideal being that people can eventually sign and send the form back to client directly from their browser/e-mail.


      I've made all the changes, saved the form, but when I open it from the web server location it just reverts back to being a bog-standard PDF that the user can't fill in!?


      What am I missing?


      Here's the form.  When I open this locally it's fillable, when I open it from the web server, it's not. 

      http://www.nathonjoneswebdesign.co.uk/caninerescue/PDFs/MEMBERS-APPLICATION-FORM-FILLABLE. pdf


      Hoping someone can point out the obvious!

      Thank you.