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    Script error (whtopic.js) when opening a topic that contains an embedded video (iFrame)

    Kurt V. Level 1



      Facts first: RoboHelp HTML / SSL=WebHelp / Windows 8.1 / IE 11.0.9600.18283. And I have searched this forum (and the whole WWW, actually) for an answer, but to no avail.

      And: English is not my mother tongue and I'm working with the German version of RoboHelp; I hope you'll understand my problem anyway. ;-)


      I'm working with a project that contains Map IDs for context sensitive opening of topics. All of a sudden, we seem to have a problem when a context sensitive topic is being opened, but only, when this topic contains an embedded video (iFrame), which is linked to our channel on YouTube (when I delete the embedded video, the error does not pop up anymore, so the reason for this problem has to be the video). I'm getting a script error regarding the file whtopic.js, but this script error is not really helpful, because it only shows 0 for line, character and code (see Image below):



      When I click Yes in this error message, the topic is shown correctly and I can play the embedded video, but the navigation pane is not shown. I have to click Show in the top left corner, then everything seems to be ok.


      Has anybody got an idea, what's causing this problem? And how can I avoid this script error message? If I cannot solve this, I think I'll delete all the embedded videos and just provide a link to the video on YouTube.


      Your help is much appreciated.


      Thank you and greetings from Switzerland,