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    outline/contour not exact




      I got a graphic where I need an outline but I don't know how to do this.


      I have different objects which i managed to combine. I copied this object as one transparent object where I now want to make an outline. But this

      contour is not exact, as you can see in the picture. How do I get this right.

      Thanks for your help.


      I got a german InDesign CS3 or CS5.


      Thanks, P.


      Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-18 um 10.30.06.png

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hello P.


          Could you show us a bit more?
          Perhaps the objects selected with edges showing and the Layers Panel open to see what is going on?


          What you can try:

          1. Change the miter limit of the object with the yellow stroke.

          In German: "Gehrungsgrenze".

          Stroke alignment: Inside


          If that is not what you want, you could:


          2. Set the stroke alignment of the object with the yellow stroke to "Center",

          set the stroke weight double the size as it is right now,

          copy the object and

          paste it inside the white object


          If there is a white object at all.
          I cannot tell, if this is the page or an actual object.



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            PNAPHS Level 1

            Thanks, it was the german "Gehrungsgrenze". After more than one hour searching for the right thing -> now in seconds!!!