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    Premiere Elements 14


      I have a version of the above and one of my colleagues has v12. He has an option to save and export to a vimeo file size.


      In v14 the only vimeo option I get is to upload straight to the website for vimeo.


      my question is have I got to create the custom setting for this or is there a setting pre-programmed like in v12?


      Many thanks

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          In version 12, you can output your video using Publish & Share/Computer/AVCHD with the YouTubeHD preset and it will create an ideal video for uploading to Vimeo (or YouTube or Facebook).


          But you are correct. In version 12, you can not upload directly to Vimeo from the program.

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            Blackeye1906 Level 1

            So steve, am I right in thinking that I have to create a custom setting in v14 to give me the same output as the option in v12. With what you have replied with

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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

              I put my completed projects on Vimeo.  You don't need custom settings.  Premier Elements comes with more than enough.  


              It used to be a lot more critical than it is now.  Vimeo and YouTube have improved their systems to accept a wider variety of your output.   The only circumstance where you may have to take extra care is if you have very slow internet connections.  Vimeo has guidelines and tutorials so you can adjust your editor output to make files with minimum size and decent viewing quality.   I tried that a couple times a few years ago and stopped.


              My choice now is to make my output from Premier Elements as close to my camera's original clips as I can.    Then I can watch my finished video on my computer, give it away on a thumb drive or upload it to Vimeo or YouTube.   Another reason to do it this way is that Vimeo offers an option to allow your viewers to download an exact copy of what you upload.  In other words, you can use Vimeo to deliver original quality work to friends or clients.   Their viewing experience will not be diminished by bandwidth calculations.   


              My two standard uploads are 1920x1080p60 MP4 files made through the AVCHD menu and (more recently) 4K files made through the XAVC-S menu in PrE 13.   The default audio bitrate from PrE seems to be higher than Vimeo needs, but Vimeo sorts it out. 


              I do not use the options to publish directly.  It works much more reliably if you output a video to your own computer and put it on Vimeo with their uploader. 



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I'm with Bill.


                If you use the output option I suggested above, you won't need to create a custom output preset.