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    Stop movement to next frame when flv playback video has finished


      I am currently creating a TV channel based project which has five flv playback videos on a frame of their own.  I would like it to move to the next frame and play the next video when the current video ends therefore I added this code:


      if(currentFrame == 80){


      import fl.video.VideoEvent;


      tgg_mv_01.tgg_mv_01.addEventListener(VideoEvent.COMPLETE, MouseClickHandler_1A);


      function MouseClickHandler_1A(evt:VideoEvent):void {





      Each video is set to auto play and they are in their own group with the same name.


      This code work's however I have made navigation buttons at the bottom of the project that allow you to skip from one 'channel' to the next freely (so they are coded to go to and stop at their particular frame.)  If I let the first video play through, it then skips to the next video (which is correct) but when I click on one of the made navigation buttons to skip to another frame the video then jumps when the previous video (that I skipped) ends.  It's as if the video is still playing in the background somewhere.


      I have tried to add code to stop a video when I click on the made navigation channel buttons but it keeps telling me theres an error.


      Does anyone know how I can stop it from skipping around if I use my navigation buttons but behave normally when I've stopped using them??


      I hope this makes sense to someone!  Any help is greatly appreciated!!!