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    Preloader - slowing things down?

    MrIzzard Level 1
      Hello there - hope you're good - thanks for looking at this.

      I've been experimenting with 2 different kinds of preloaders, they both work (internal & external preloaders), both giving the same kinda results... but both slowing things down a bit.

      Let me explain!

      I have 2 swfs, each one about 500k, with some streaming audio embedded in the timeline, and banks of buttons that hop around the timeline to play different sounds.

      In a sec i'll post a link to an example page, but let me explain first what you'll be looking for the first time they load.

      The swf on the left (just under the VOICE title) has a preloader built into the beginning of the movie, which i made thanks to Lee's "Advanced Flash Preloader" tutorial. I've made sure there's no data on the first 2 frames (where the preloader is) so it should load quick. The preloader graphic is just a bar that fills from left to right.

      The swf on the right (just under the MUSIC title) is an external preloader called MUSIC2.swf, that preloads MUSIC.swf. This was made using Lee's "External SWF Preloading" tutorial. The preloader graphic for this is just a percentage.

      With both of them there's still a delay before even showing the preloader - and then i reckon the actual preloading process is slowing things down. When i tried other versions of the swf's that just opened normally, they seemed to load much quicker.

      At the moment i'm thinking that the issue of the preloading graphic not showing straight away is an actual fixable problem, but the issue of the preloading graphic slowing the preloading is probably just the way it is?

      Anyway, here's the link...


      (ignore the fact the functionality of the audio buttons on the panel on the left is a bit screwey - i haven't fixed that since i shifted everything along by 2 frames to make the preloader!).

      Now my mum has a slow dial-up connection, and she didn't even get to see either of the preloaders, before she had to go to bed!

      Thinking about it, there are some small solo audio swf buttons further down the page - so may the browser will try and load those first - even though they're only tiny - maybe THAT is the problem?!

      Oh by the way, the reason i've used 2 different types of preloaders is just for experimentation. I plan to use the best one on both when it's proven to work properly.

      Some of the files i've used are in this zip file


      VOICEUNITv2 is the raw FLA file used to make VOICES3.swf

      MUSICLOADER is the raw FLA file used to make preloader MUSIC2.swf, which preloads MUSIC.swf.

      Does any of this make sense?
      Can you help?!