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    Text clips in Premiere Elements 11




      I'm trying to do something in Premiere Elements 11.

      I have a text layer/track with four paragraphs of text that is over the video. Part of the video is a blinking text "marker" (not sure how it's called, I mean the thing that you have in every text editor or when typing text online). I want each paragraph to appear with a blink of the "marker". I thought of doing this by having four text "blocks" and have each start when I want. If I copy the text "block", then edit one of the text "blocks", it changes the text in all of them.


      I haven't tried creating a new text "block" yet, but if this works (I imagine it does) then it means aligning them manually which doesn't make sense. I assume there's an easier way to do this and I'm missing it.


      Thanks for any suggestions.