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    Creative Cloud - Novice User - CC programs and there intended purpose


      I would like to know which Creative Cloud Programs integrate into each other.


      I already use Bridge to manage photos, Photoshop to edit stills with Dreamweaver to build websites.


      But I would like to know what the intended service/function other Creative Cloud programs are used for


      Example: After Effects - Is this program used to edit video and creating special effect in a video project?


      Example: Audition - Seems to be a program for working with audio.


      Are these programs output files I can import and edit in Premier Pro?


      What and How are the programs used that come with Creative Cloud? 


      My goal is to understand How to use Creative Cloud  collection of software tools to create a product.


      I know the Creative Cloud is for any editing you will ever need to do or can do.


      I just need insight / guidance on which software tools do what. And how those software tools work together or integrate together to create a project.


      Thank you in advance for any constructive advise you want to share.


      New to Creative Cloud