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    Form Updates: How do you copy/paste all JavaScript from one pdf to another?

    MADink_Designs27 Level 2

      I feel like I have asked this question before on the old acrobatusers.com forum but can't seem to find it...


      Anyway, I create a lot of forms and use a lot of JavaScript in them. The form designs/features/functions are updated quite regularly, and I'd like to find out a way to make the process of adding the scripting back in not so tedious.


      I can't seem to just copy and paste in JavaScript Panel > All JavaScripts or JavaScript Panel > Document Actions > Edit All


      Is there a script or another way to do this or am I stuck with recreating document scripts and pasting scripts in each individual interactive object?


      A little about my workflow:


      I use InDesign CC to create the form layouts and fields and try to do as much in InDesign as possible. There are a few caveats and possibilities of issues between the two programs, but more often than not, I can manage around those issues.


      Prior to InDesign having the capabilities of creating forms, I used to design the form in InDesign, export then lay out all of the fields by hand, which was again tedious. When I made updates to the design, I would replace the background in the PDF and move the fields around.