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    Adobe Edge - function within a function

    Gzod Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I'm trying to insert a simple function like the main timeline to play, eg. sym.play();

      when the 3D rotate has completed.


      var one = sym.getSymbol("stage").$("big1");


      var two = sym.getSymbol("stage").$("big1");

      TweenMax.set(two, {opacity:1});

      TweenMax.set(two, {rotationY:720});

      TweenLite.set(one, {transformPerspective:800});


      TweenLite.to(one, 1, {rotationY:.720, ease:Power4.easeIn, onComplete: flip});


      function flip() {


        TweenLite.set(two, {transformPerspective:-800});


        TweenLite.to(two, 0, {opacity:1, delay: 0});


        TweenLite.to(two, 2, {rotationY:0, ease:Power4.easeOut});