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    Disappearing rows in multi-page table


      I have a 24 page document with a repeating header for a multi-page table that consumes 7 of the 24 pages. The rows in the text frame for the second page of the table (page 7 of 24 in the document) inadvertently disappears from the screen as I make edits elsewhere in the document, then scroll to that page. I can bring the rows back by moving the bottom of the text frame up or down. None of the other pages of the table are effected or have the same behavior. While visible on the screen, there is no guarantee the rows on that page will be present when converting the file to PDF.


      I suspect there is some hidden content in that section of the table possibly causing the problem, but have no idea what that might be. I use styles to format various cells and text in the cells. One of the styles is used to build an automatic list on a previous page. Any ideas?