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    HTML5 Canvas nested symbol timeline gotoAndPlay script


      I need help with my Adobe Animate HTML5 Canvas script.

      I am trying to interact with a movie clip from within a movie clip.


      On the stage I have a movie clip inside a movie clip. There is a this.stop(); on the timeline of the first movie clip. When clicking a button on the nested movie clip I want it to gotoAndPlay on the first movie clip. It's essentially continuing the animation of the clip sliding off the stage.


      I can't seem to get the nested movie clip to talk to the first movie clip one level back. The click event is definitely happening since I tested it with an alert box.


      Script so far (this script is on the timeline of the nested movie clip):


      this.btnCloseX.addEventListener("click", closeDisclosureBox.bind(this));


      function closeDisclosureBox() {




      I've also tried accessing it from either the instance name or movie clip name directly like:



      I'm a bit confused that "sym." does not work but "this." does.


      Any Help would be appreciated.