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    Export Param filePath and optional flags not doing anything

    latefordinnerstudios Level 1

      According to PrSDKExportParamSuite.h you should be able to add a string field that contains a path and has a browse button

      and you should also be able to mark fields optional:

      exParamFlag_filePath = 0x20, // string only -- this control contains ap path and has a Browse button
      exParamFlag_optional = 0x40 // this control has a checkbox attached. The param name is the checkbox string
                                    // Checkbox is unchecked by default, so the param attached to it is disabled.


      //example impementation
      productNameValues.structVersion = 1;
      productNameValues.value.intValue = kPrTrue;
      productNameValues.disabled = kPrFalse;
      productNameValues.hidden = kPrFalse;
      productNameValues.optionalParamEnabled = kPrTrue;
      exNewParamInfo productNameParam;
      productNameParam.structVersion = 1;
      strncpy(productNameParam.identifier, "TestFilePath", 255);
      productNameParam.paramType = exParamType_string;
      productNameParam.flags = exParamFlag_filePath;    ///flags go here
      productNameParam.paramValues = productNameValues;
      exportParamSuite->AddParam(exID, gIdx, ADBEVideoTabGroup, &productNameParam);
        exportParamSuite->AddParam(exID, gIdx, ADBEVideoTabGroup, &productNameParam);


      However, this code does run as expected.

      In the exporter there is only a text entry field and no button.

      Furthermore when replacing exParamFlag_filePath  with exParamFlag_optional the text entry field vanishes entirely.

      I'm assuming it vanishes because the checkbox should be unchecked by default, however there is no checkbox to check and bring it back.


      So my question is this: Is this a bug or am I not using it correctly or both?

      Things I have tried:

      • using the exParamFlag_filePath  on a button.
      • exParamFlag_filePath  on a button directly above and below a string field in the same group.
      • Creating a pair group and adding the button and the string field as children.
      • Reading the SDK guide (no mention of exParamFlags)

      Using latest version of Premiere Pro CC on Windows 10 64-bit