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    Automatically Figure 10% Discount in Price List?


      I am creating a catalog that lists items and their retail prices along with discount prices that are 10% of the retail price. I use a plug-in that can look up and change the retail prices based on a spreadsheet. I'd like to know if there's a way to automatically figure the 10% discount price, maybe in a character style or something like that.


      Here's what I mean (these might not be accurate):



      [PART NUMBER]<tab>[DESCRIPTION]<tab>179.99 ea.<tab>161.99 ea.

      [PART NUMBER]<tab>[DESCRIPTION]<tab>229.99 ea.<tab>206.99 ea.

      [PART NUMBER]<tab>[DESCRIPTION]<tab>279.99 ea.<tab>251.99 ea.

      [PART NUMBER]<tab>[DESCRIPTION]<tab>179.99 ea.<tab>161.99 ea.



      I can use the plug-in to get the retail price but is there some way I can have InDesign figure the 10% discount price?