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    sound class

      Hi everyone. I'm creating an audio player which will receive xml information from a server and play the requested sone. I have all that set up. The only problem I'm having with is creating the progress bar while the sound is streaming. What happens is when the audio player is opened, the song starts playing because of the streaming property that I set in the actionscript, but the progress bar doesn't show up until the song is fully cached on the user's machine. So the effect is you don't see the progress bar when the audio player opens and the song plays. Instead the progress bar will appear a couple of seconds after the audio player starts playing. I've put the project up on my site, so you can take a look at it and see what I'm talking about, www.mark-yieh.com/airspun/newaudioplayer.html. If you know how to fix it please let me know. It will really be appreciated. Thanks. I've looked at all the event handlers in the sound class, but none of them let's me gather information from the sound file until it's fully loaded. For example, with the MovieClipLoader class, there's an onLoadInit handler and an onLoadStart handler and an onLoadProgress handler, but there's none for the sound class. Is there another solution?