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    Language Not Visible in Reader, Visible in Pro

    Rohlstusk Level 1

      Oookay, so ran into an rather unusual find regarding PDFs.  When an accessible PDF is opened in Reader, viewing the Document Properties > Advanced, the language that was set (English), is not being displayed.  However when you go to Edit > Preferences > Language > Application Language is showing indeed that English was set.  Of course viewing the PDF in Pro/DC, the Language setting shows up in the Document properties.


      Anyone have an idea why this occurs or a workaround to force Reader to display it in Document Properties?  I have replicated this across several PDFs from several sites (that had tagged and accessible PDFs) and cannot seem to figure out the how or why.


      Any insight would be appreciated!

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          CtDave Level 6

          Adobe Reader is a viewer not a processor PDF application.
          So, Reader has no access to a PDF's Document Properties "Advanced" tab informtion.
          (Language of the PDF content is one of these.).

          Note that a PDF document's Language is a requirement for an accessible PDF (which is to say / mean the PDF is ISO 14289, PDF/UA compliant as this is what defines/establish a valid accessible PDF).

          The PDF document content Language Is Not the same thing as the software application "language". The software application 'language' localizes the software for the country/region you are in (Middle East, Germany, China, whereever).

          Using appropriate tools (such as those available in Acrobat Pro) you can view the PDF doce ument's Structure / Tag Tree. within that you can access/view the document's language and any inline language designations other than that of the document content as a whole.


          Be well...