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    Copying audio from another presentation

      Good morning!

      Is it possible to copy audio from one presentation to another? I've been able to insert audio when it's a .wav file outside of a presentation, but I really need to copy something out of audio editor of one presentation into another one.

      Thanks for your help!
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          robva65 Level 2

          The moment you start using audio with Breeze, it'll create a .ppc file which won't be of particular use when trying to migrate audio from one presentation to another...however...

          IF you've published a preso, a series of mp3 files will be created for the content. Depending on whether you have published locally or via the Breeze server, the audio files will be available for you to use in other presos. To be honest, I don't have a Breeze server to publish to, but the resulting .zip file that is available from the Breeze server should result in the same output as content that is published locally. Bottom line: you need to look for a Data folder from the published content, and in it should be all the mp3 files used for the presentation.

          From there, it should be a simple matter of importing the mp3 file to the appropriate slide using the Import Audio command from the Breeze menu.