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    Capital A from Stirling font won't appear in After Effects.


      This is a weird one. I tried restarting the computer. I've tried re-installing the font. I've tried using an older version of After Effects going back to CC.


      The capital A from this font appears in every other Adobe application except After Effects.  After Effects is newest version up to date on creative cloud.


      I mean whats next step, reformat my hard-drive?



        Model Name:    Mac Pro

        Model Identifier:    MacPro6,1

        Processor Name:    12-Core Intel Xeon E5

        Processor Speed:    2.7 GHz

        Number of Processors:    1

        Total Number of Cores:    12

        L2 Cache (per Core):    256 KB

        L3 Cache:    30 MB

        Memory:    64 GB

        Boot ROM Version:    MP61.0116.B05

        SMC Version (system):    2.20f18

        Illumination Version:    1.4a6