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    LR 6 metadata permissions




      I've recently upgraded to LR 6 (v 6.5.1) from LR 4.  I have my photos stored on a server (WHS 2011) which is connected via LAN to the PC (Windows 7) running LR.  Ever since installing LR 6, I have had issues with writing metadata to photos.  Typical error messages are as below.


      "There was an unknown error while writing metadata to this photo.  Retry?"

      followed by...

      "Photos have read only access"


      If LR is closed and reopened this sometimes solves the problem for some photos. Often it is necessary to do this 2-3 times for all photos in a folder(of say 30-50 photos) to have the metadata updated correctly.  It appears to be necessary to go to each photo and click on the icon to update metadata.


      I have read elsewhere that the problem may be caused by conflicts between LR and Bridge.  However, I don't have Bridge.  I don't have any other applications running which should interfere with file permissions.  More to the point, there was no issue before I upgraded from LR 4.


      I should be very grateful if there is a simple fix for this issue.  Apologies if it is covered elsewhere in the forums but I could not find it on a quick search.  Thanks in advance for your help.




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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Using Windows File Explorer, navigate to the folder(s) containing your images and verify that your Windows login ID has read and write privs to those folders and their parent folder.

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            Chewey709 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply. 


            The Windows 7 login ID did not specifically have write permissions (i.e. it was neither "allowed" nor "denied") for either the files or the containing folder.  However, if you go far enough up the directory tree then a grandparent folder does give the Windows 7 account write permissions so I believe these are inherited by the sub-folders.  To test this, I tried giving the Windows 7 login "full control" over the relevant files and folder but it made no difference.  Another reason I don't think it is a permissions issue is that LR is able to create the xmp sidecar files in the folder in question. (I am using CR2 files so although the "read only" error message refers to the CR2 file, LR should only be updating the associated xmp.)  Having created them, you'd think it should be able to amend them?


            What is odd is that if you close and reopen LR it will then update the metadata for some (but not all) files.  The files it fails on appear to be random (i.e. they are not the same every time).  Worse, if you select all files in the folder and force the metadata update, some of the files which were previously updated then throw up an error.


            It's all very frustrating.  Any further thoughts welcome!