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    Flash Scroller and XML

      Hello, Hope everyone's ok.

      Ok, i have a problem, I currently have a flash file that I have made which is a scroller using x and y axis to determine when the user rolls over a certain point the scroller moves whichever way.

      Inside this movie clip i have a set of dynamic content that i have pulled from an xml file and looped so it draws the data in new labels, etc. However when i run the scroller, the dynamic images that have been loaded from the xml file load and scroll however the dynamic textboxes i have created do no scroll and stay in the same play.

      My initial thoughts to this is that the scroller is not seeing the dynamic text boxes as part of the movie clip.

      I was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem please.

      I'll gladly upload or email this zip folder if anyone would like to see it.