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    Script Error on startup


      Getting a strange error on startup. I have completely uninstalled cleaned and reinstalled creative cloud but still getting it.

      Running After Effects CC 2015 on Yosemite.


      Any help would be appreciated


      Screenshot below.


      Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 5.01.25 pm.png



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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It could be a permissions issue. Some tiny little folder somewhere buried in your folder structure isn't set right.

          Alternatively, it could be some third-party script messing with things. You haven't installed any scripts or plugins yet, have you?

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            UQg Level 4

            I can't be 100% sure since i havent reinstalled After Effects for a while, but i think that unistalling After Effects will only remove the AE package, that is, only things that have been installed by Adobe. Meaning: third party scripts are not removed.


            So, even if you have uninistalled/reinstalled, still check that you don't have a third party script in the Scripts/Startup folder.


            The list of files in that folder is normally :

            • 1_startup.jsx
            • About the Startup folder.txt
            • commandLineRenderer.jsx

            Anything else should be third party.



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              I'm running into the same issue with a fresh AE install (no AE was ever installed before). Are there any solutions to this issue?


              The script / startup folder only has the three files mentioned above.