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    Windows User won't forget ADE


      Have been having a lot of problems with my Adobe ID and Adobe Digital Editions. Tried uninstalling it from computer (six or seven times) but each time I reinstall, it's like I never uninstalled it, My ID is automatically signed in so my problems persist (My Kobo won't recognize new transferred books even though it worked fine last night). I tried a new trick and made a new Windows user and signed in my Adobe ID and it worked. It only solves my problem temporarily since my books are all on my other Windows account and I'm not going to create a news Windows account everytime ADE stops working and I have to uninstall it. I've seen on the forum that the original problem is happening a lot and to many people (Library books not recognizable from Kobo when Adobe ID hasn't been changed either on Kobo or on computer). Is there anyway to make my computer (windows account #1) forget that I ever had ADE intalled?


      Thanks for your help!