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    Feature requests, Dont rename files


      My Sony cameras a7sii and pxw-fs5 are able to create proxy files which are great for editing in premiere clip for instagram or starting assembly whilst away from computer, but when I open in premiere pro via cc cloud they are renamed so its very hard to relink them back to the full resolution 4k files.

      So stopping the renaming of the files would be very useful.

      I can also see this as being useful with the upcoming release of premiere pro with its abilty to create proxy files that can be sent to cc cloud,

      As you could then edit them in premiere clip and sync back to original project.

      Also could you add a 25p option rather then just the default 30p the option seems to be possible as ive been able to edit the xml file to achive this before opening in premiere pro

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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          Great requests Nic! Preserving file names makes total sense. Requested Noted! 


          You're right, currently Clip sequences will always be 30p but we do preserve the original file data I.e. Resolution and FPS. So, if you   export to Premiere Pro your media's properties will be whatever it was captured at. So if you shot a 25fps clip, within Premiere Pro just change the sequence settings to match your media. 


          Let us know if you have any further questions or if you have any additional feature request.


          All the best,


          Peter Garaway

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            bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

            Hi Nic!


            Thanks for your requests, as Peter already noted


            I am going to un-mark this discussion as a question since it is a feature request. Please keep the ideas coming!


            Thank you!