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    Only one root tag is allowed.

      I'm trying to run the following (from Flex 2.0 Online help) :

      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <mx:Application xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml">

      <mx:XML id="capitals" format="e4x">
      <Capitals label="U.S. State Capitals">
      <capital label="AL" value="Montgomery" />
      <capital label="AK" value="Juneau"/>
      <capital label="AR" value="Little Rock"/>
      <capital label="AZ" value="Phoenix"/>
      <Capitals label="Canadian Province Capitals">
      <capital label="AB" value="Edmonton" />
      <capital label="BC" value="Victoria"/>
      <capital label="MB" value="Winnipeg"/>
      <capital label="NB" value="Fredericton"/>

      <!-- Create an XMLListCollection representing the Tree nodes.
      capitals.Capitals is an XMLList with both Capitals elements. -->
      <mx:XMLListCollection id="capitalColl" source="{capitals.Capitals}" />

      <!-- When you use an XML-based data provider with a tree you must specify
      the label field, even if it is "label".
      The XML object includes the root, so you must set showRoot="false".
      Remember that the Tree will not, by default, reflect dynamic changes
      to the XML object. -->
      <mx:Tree id="Tree1" dataProvider="{capitals}" labelField="@label"
      showRoot="false" width="300" />
      <!-- The XMLListCollection does not include the XML root. -->
      <mx:Tree id="Tree2" dataProvider="{capitalColl}" labelField="@label"
      width="300" />


      and I get
      Only one root tag is allowed.

      Any idea what has to change?