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    Adobe Flash Player in Dreamweaver



      Hello !


      I have a problem with Dreamweaver about Adobe Flash Player. Indeed, for each of my animations, it marked "Get Adobe Flash Player" while I have already it, and the good version...


      Could anybody explain me what I have to do please ?


      Thank you in advance and I hope I was clear.

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          Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Flash has been removed from DW because it's no longer considered a good choice for animations online.


          Flash is essentially dead as far as the vast majority of websites are concerned. Less than half of desktop users have the Flash plug-in installed (browsers have been auto-deactivating it as well) and close to zero mobile users have the ability to interact with Flash in a website (Adobe discontinued Flash for mobile in 2012). The actual Flash program has also been changed to Animate and no longer focuses on swf or flv content (though it's still available).


          To reach the largest audience possible, you should be looking into javascript, html5 and css3 for animations.

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            Mélanie06 Level 1

            All right, I understand better now, thank you !



            And do you know how I can proceed to import a video in format HTML5 ?

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              Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Video is one of the more simplified things under html5 compared to previous standards.


              All you need to do to use video in html 5 is save your video in 2 formats, .mp4 and .ogg, (here's a free conversion site) to cover all browsers, then you add those source paths to a <video> tag...


              HTML5 Video

              HTML video Tag


              All modern browsers will play the video natively (no need for an installed plug-in). Most now also see mp4 without needing the OGG format. I still leave it in, in case of slow updaters coming to my sites.

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                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Depending on your version of DW,

                • Insert > HTML5 Video


                • Insert > Media > HTML5 Video.


                In older versions of DW, paste the following code into your HTML5 document.  Adjust filenames as required.


                <video controls poster="YOUR_POSTER_IMAGE.jpg">

                <source src="YOUR_VIDEO_FILE.mp4" type="video/mp4">



                Nancy O.