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    Trying to Make Dynamic Trainee Table System (Acrobat Pro DC- Windows)

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      Hi Experts...


      I was developing Trainee Presence Table System in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Im new in JavaScript, but i succeeded in making the Table but now i need to make the table dynamic, not all the courses are 10 days some are 20 days so each time i need to change the form (Prepare form) to copy the check boxes and divide 100 / Number of check boxes so i can put a value in every checkbox that so if the trainee course is 10 days so every day he will came it will equal 10%, so at the end of

      course i can see the percentage of presence, now i want to copy the check boxes to cover the whole 4 weeks so i change the number of (period) of the course every raw of the check boxes will change their values dynamically so the percentage of the presence will work right.

      here is the download link for the original PDF :


      5-19-2016 7-05-24 AM.jpg

      So please can you help me or guide me to what to do to make this table dynamically change the values of check boxes so also percentage will change automatically , thanks in advance.