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    [JS SUI] How to set window background?

    K159 Level 1



      I want to add background image to Window(SUI), and add other control that thereon.


      Is it possible?



      I found "window.orientation = 'stack'",  but I can't change the location of control.


      Any Ideas?






      var w = new Window ("dialog", "test");
      w.orientation = 'stack';
      var image = File(Folder.desktop + "/test.jpg");
      w.add("image", undefined, image);
      var edit = w.add("edittext", undefined, "");
      edit.characters = 10; 
      //edit.bound = [0,0,100,100]; //The size can be changed, but location can not be changed. 
      //edit.location = [100,100];
      //edit.preferredSize = [100,100];
      w.show ();