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    Small, Bold Text Illegible on Mobile Devices


      My company receives PDF's from our customer that has small, bold text on one of the pages.... but that text is completely illegible on our mobile devices, so in the field, my guys can't read the information on their iPads.

      I found that if I use Adobe InDesign, I can blow the document up, decrease the thickness of the text, save again as a PDF, and then the problem is solved.

      This process takes about 10 minutes for me per-document, and I have hundreds of files, and more coming in every day.

      Does anybody know of an app or quick, mobile friendly fix that will solve my issue?


      Unfortunately, our guys have all different models of devices, but all SHOULD (keyword is "should" haha) be using the most recent iOS





      (To be clear... We can read the small, bold text on any laptop or desktop computer. Only our phones and tablets are having issues.)

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          Font properties (such as font name, font size, bold/italic, text color) are specified in a PDF form itself.


          Acrobat Reader for iPad tries to honor the font properties to generate an appearance of each text field.


          To make text more legible, you need to make changes to a source document (in your case, an InDesign document) and export it to PDF again (which is what you have already done).


          On phones and tablets, you can use the pinch-to-zoom gesture to zoom into each text field and make it appear larger on the screen.



          Is this a feasible solution for you?