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    Adobe - Apple - QuickTime and Animate CC

    Neox99 Level 4

      Animate CC [Flash] only exports to .mov video format.
      Adobe Media Encoder requires QuickTime be installed else it won't process a .mov file.
      Media is replete with news about QuickTime security issues.


      Who is responsible for fixing this mess? Apple or Adobe?

      Adobe done away with the Edge Animate so we are left with Animate CC [0ld Flash with a few new features].
      The only type of output we can use is .swf files.
      Are we to just stop using Adobe products for animation?


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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I believe the news about security issues would mainly apply to people who did not update to QuickTime 7.7.9, or are using Windows XP, which can't do that update. You don't have to set QuickTime as your system player, so you would only be using it for the export of an animation. QuickTime can still do a lot of things that other video systems can't do, and I'm sure the Animate export is taking advantage of those things.


          The export process also involves making a SWF file first, and Flash Player has had a lot more security alerts in the media than QuickTime has. It should still be safe when used in creating video content, so long as you don't view Flash content online.