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    long standing problem

    Craig Grummitt Level 3
      after i've been using director for an hour or two, i find that i can no longer click in fields - say in the property inspector - and edit them. the only way i've been able to find to resolve this issue is by closing director and then opening director up again.

      has anyone had a similar problem and know a way of preventing this from happening or a quicker way of resolving it when it does happen?
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          i have that too!, close form, open again... seems to work for me
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            Craig Grummitt Level 3
            okay i'm going to tentatively mark that response as the answer just because it's a better solution than i had and i don't anticipate any better solutions. so rather than closing director and reopening, i can just close the relevant inspector(eg the property inspector) and reopen that and the problem seems to resolve itself.

            which doesn't really resolve why it happens to begin with. if anyone has information on that or a better solution feel free to further contribute. Otherwise we'll keep our fingers crossed for Director 11 when it eventuates...