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    Interactive PDF shows an unwanted green alert bar at top

    Welshy 2008



      I have created a 20 page interactive PDF in InDesign CC 2015 which has over 100 hyperlinks. This is to be supplied to our client, it will then be circulated globally. The problem that we are having is when the PDF is opened up in Acrobat, a green alert bar appears at the top of the screen with the message: This file includes fillable form fields. You can print the completed form and save it to your device or Acrobat.com. We don't want this green bar to appear, is there something we can do to the PDF (not Acrobat) to stop this from happening? We want the person who receives and opens up the PDF to not have this green bar appear or not have to do anything to make it go away.


      Acrobat Green Bar Message.jpg


      It would be great if someone has an answer for this.


      Kind regards

      Mark Welsh