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    images in the library not updating correctly.

    productionArtistChad Level 1

      So I imported an image into animate and published the file. so far so good. Then I noticed that I needed to compress the file further. Easy stuff, compress file, replace the file in the images folder (and everywhere else it is). So next time I publish the higher k size version is back in the folder. No big deal I replace it with the new lower K size file  go into animate open up the library and hit update file, publish. Again the old higher K size file is back in the images folder. I delete the higher K size file from all my folders so it doesn't exists on my computer anymore. Then I go back into the library and instead of update I use replace, target the lower K size image and publish. WTF the higher K size image is back! The only way I can seem to use the lower K size image is give it a brand new name and in the library replace it. Flash never use to work this way all I ever had to do was just hit update, where is this old version of my image coming from, I deleted it off my computer?