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    Best way to sort through, organize, and delete RAW Files??


      Hi everyone,

      I'm looking for a way to simply sort through a series of about 600 raw files on a Mac.  I'm very new to this, so bare with me:)

      At first, I downloaded the raw files from my SD card into my iPhoto which led to all of the files turning into jpegs.  Then I decided that was no good, so I tried putting the CR2 files into an organized folder and dragging that folder into Preview.  I'm finding that Preview is verrrry slow.  I'm looking for the best way to sift through

      these files and pick out the best/delete the worst.  What do you recommend? I'm planning on editing the files in Photoshop and possibly Lightroom.

      Is there a place in Lightroom where I can achieve this sorting process I speak of? Or should I download some other type of organizing program offline?


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          dj_paige Level 9

          If you mean the word "sort" to be the process of getting rid of the "bad" images and keeping the "good" images, yes Lightroom can do this as well as many other programs.


          In Lightroom, you would import the entire 600 images, and when the import process is finished (this might take a few minutes or more depending on your computer), then you can scroll through each image, and if you decide it's a "bad" image that you don't want to keep, press X and then go to the next image. Once done, you can delete all the photos that you assigned X to in one action.


          Other programs probably allow you to do this "sort" faster, but I can't speak about them.