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    Sharpen problems


      I to everyone, i have a problems, i usually use the filters "sharpen" on my photos in the section "details" but i can't understand why when i finished my work and i export the image it disappears the sharpen.....why?


      thanks to everyone



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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          First of all, you must apply sharpening at 1:1 view in Lightroom.

          Any other view will be inaccurate and misleading.

          Similarly, you should also view the exported file at 1:1 (100%) to evaluate the sharpening.

          Are you applying sharpening when exporting? When capture sharpening (in the Develop module) has been done properly, exported images should look right (at 1:1) when Export sharpening is set to Standard or Low.


          The reason for always using 1:1 is this:

          When an image has to be scaled to fit in window, different programs use different scaling algorithms.

          They may also apply different smoothing or sharpening when scaling.

          In addition, different magnifications in the same program may render the image more or less sharp.

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