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    How to edit (erase) portions of a PDF scanned document?

    patriciab4550006 Level 1

      I've just downloaded Acrobat DC and am trying to use it to edit a previously-scanned B&W document (the document is a PDF large-format scan of a sewing pattern -- just line drawings and text). 


      What I want to do is delete (or at least mask out) a small portion of some of the detail on that scanned document in order to insert new text or make other corrections.  I can't seem to find a tool anywhere on Acrobat DC that will allow me to select a small section of the PDF image and erase that portion of the image within the selected boundaries, the way I can with Microsoft Paint for example. 


      Is there an "eraser" tool I'm missing?  Or some other method to select and erase/delete a small portion of a PDF image?  I definitely do not want to change the overall dimensions of the image, or affect the rest of the image at all by erasing a portion -- just mask the section to white.


      I'd be grateful for any help with this.  If I can't get this to work, I'm going to have to cancel my trial subscription to Acrobat, because it's useless to me otherwise.   Thanks!