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    Digital Signature not available on mobile PDF Reader

    David Hohiemer

      I have created an employment application and inserted a digital signature field. However, when emailed to myself so that I can open it on my mobile device (where I presume most of my potential applicants will open the document), every other field on the document is available, EXCEPT the digital signature field. In fact, it simply looks as though there isn't a field there at all. Here is a screenshot from the mobile device view...As you can see the date field is able to be updated but the signature field is absent. What am I doing wrong?

      Technical details:

      I am using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended

      The document was created using Microsoft Word 2016, then saved as a PDF

      I utilized the Form Wizard to create the form fields

      Once created, I manually renamed the form fields and adjusted their properties

      The digital signature works within my program when in non-editing mode

      The mobile devices used to view and edit the application were a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and an iPhone 6+

      The app used on the android device was the free Adobe PDF viewer found in the Play Store

      The app used on the apple device was the free Adobe PDF viewer found in the App Store

      The form has multiple required and non-required fields

      The digital signature field is a required field.


      I think that is everything. If you need to know more, please just ask. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.