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    Hover animation doesn't work


      Hello everyone. I am having a problem. I have created an infographic website for a university project.


      This website works well on business catalyst :  http://globalanxiety.businesscatalyst.com/ 


      However, I can not keep paying for this website because it is only a school project. I do have to give my lecturer a url though. To do this I have to move my

      website to a free host. So I did this, twice.





      These are the free hosted versions. They all seem to work fine, however if you take a look at the businesscatalyst website there is an arrow at the bottom of the website that, when hovered over, brings up our university banner. This does not work on the free hosts. I have asked the hosts about it but they said it must have something to do with the creation. The banner animation was made in Edge Animate and as you can see it actually works in html format and businesscatalyst website.


      Please help. Thank you. :]